About Me

Hey! Thanks for stopping in.

I’m Zarie. I am a wife, mother, nature lover, coffee drinker, friendship seeker, first generation immigrant striving to be a woman after God’s own heart and I know that with God’s grace and strength I can live a full and meaningful life right where I am at.

As I write I picture you dear reader sitting across from me in my cozy living room eating a large piece of cake while sipping on coffee (not minding the calories one bit, of course). You should know my faith is everything. It bleeds into every aspect of my life, including this page. It is the lens through which I filter all of life’s experiences, the heart and soul of everything I am and stand for.

I’m learning the art of resting in God’s presence. Learning to be still before Him and look for beauty and wonder in my everyday life. Will you join me? Grab a cup of coffee, scroll through the pages and if any part resonates with you, or inspires you in any way… It’s all Jesus. I am the pen; He is the writer. May we all have the courage to let Him write our life’s novel and the boldness to share it.